Drones, a promising and efficient tool

  • Geplaatst op: 2019-04-19 12:47:30

  • Auteur: Lynn Kemp

Unless you have lived on another planet for the last 10 years, you have heard of "drones". Drones are present everywhere in various sectors, although the chances are small that you will see a drone at work today.


Drones are in the news today with a lot of futuristic applications. Just think of the idea of Amazon, among other things, to deliver parcels by means of a drone. Or even passenger transport with drones that may or may not automatically bring people to their destination. Currently it are still ideas and concepts, but the technology has already progressed so far that these applications will find their way through in a relatively short term.


In the last 5 years, drone technology has made a transition from a strange-looking model airplane to an exciting toy and an efficient, promising tool.


Drones are the workhorses of the future and today we see that they are also responsible for the emergence of a whole new industry. In Belgium AGORIA estimates that the drone industry in 2019 will generate a turnover of 400 million euros!


The drone sector is promising and fully professionalizing, also in Belgium. 


Dronevisuals has understood this message well. Those who want to be successful in the drone business will have to be professional at technological and business level. We offer a complete "drone package" to perform tasks in various sectors faster and more efficiently.


For the construction industry, photogrammetry and 3D visualization has become the new standard. Thanks to our drones and adapted software, we capture real estate and building projects in a photorealistic 3D model. The 3D models can then be edited by architects and / or engineering firms.


Controls or inspections at altitude are difficult but drones arrive quickly and easily in places that are sometimes physically unreachable. With the right cameras (eg Infra Red cameras) one obtains images and data that can subsequently be evaluated and processed perfectly, without dangerous and time-consuming situations.


In terms of safety, drones have unmistakably become the instrument for discrete monitoring or for quickly collecting vital information and forwarding it to the emergency services.

The list of applications is almost infinite, so we think it is important that the right technology is used in the right place, and of course with respect for the applicable regulations.


Do you want to visualize a new project, do you want to increase the safety in your company or do you want processes to run more efficiently? Then we become your privileged partner.

Dronevisuals helps you to draw up a trajectory within your organization where drones can play a role. We guide you from A to Z. We use all our know-how and technology to ensure that drones can be a real added value.


Do you want to know what drones can do for you? We are happy to tell you!